News Brief - May 2020

From our Executive Director, Barbara Loh:

I think many of us are not unhappy to see the month of April pass. So many uncertainties and fears, so many new challenges, too much loss, and a growing need for our lives to return to normal and be able to connect face-to-face with others the way we used to do.

Our current reality makes me appreciate once again how essential our broadcasting service is for those who depend on us everyday precisely because they have more challenges connecting with others on a regular basis. The temporary social isolation and its negative ramifications are what we are all feeling now. Many of our listeners face it everyday.

During the COVID-19 crisis, we have been broadcasting without disruption. In fact, our programming has expanded to make sure that our listeners—mostly vulnerable elderly—get all the latest local news and information easily from one accessible source. During a crisis, our services are more essential than ever to make sure listeners have the latest information on the coronavirus, how their community is responding, what resources are available and how to access them.

Our increased number of volunteers, recording from the safety of their homes, have been critical to us staying on the air and expanding our coverage. Thanks as always to them. Harold and I have been deemed “essential” and have been in our studios to stay abreast of the latest and provide updates throughout the day beyond our usual broadcast offerings.

To be able to continue our expanded services for our listeners as this crisis continues, we will need your help Tuesday, May 5 during #GivingTuesdayNow.

The event is a worldwide day of unity, caring, and generosity during this COVID-19. Many nonprofits in our area are in an unprecedented period right now worrying about their futures as the need for their services is greater than ever.

We would love your support on Tuesday. Help to keep us on the air for our listeners so they don't ever have to feel like we all have experienced, to some degree, as we say goodbye to a very dark April. Stay safe and well.

  • Valley Eye Radio continues to broadcast and expand our locally produced programming with the help of our dedicated family of volunteer readers who are reading from their homes.

They may be social distancing, but they’re still on the broadcasting “front lines”, keeping our listeners up to date on local news, resource information and important updates from various authoritative sources!

  • More good news! Our volunteer reader family is growing! Just this month, we’ve adopted a few more new readers and our listeners will be hearing their friendly voices on our broadcasts soon. Also, more familiar Valley Eye Radio voices are back this month either in studio or recording from home so we can continue to serve our listeners. We’re so proud of all of them.

  • While many events are on hold, Valley Eye Radio is presenting new feature programs to our listeners from recordings made prior to the coronavirus pandemic hitting our region. Recently, we debuted another recording from the Springfield Museums’ Wood Museum of Springfield History that featured the exhibit “Sweet: A Tasty Journey” where we learned about candy making and its history including its connection with Springfield.

  • During the month of May, Valley Eye Radio will be broadcasting some more recordings from the Baystate Health Heart Series that were recorded back in February (which explains the crowd of people in the picture).

Featuring topics presented by their top physicians, this series of programs will bring our listeners important updates on the latest in treatment options.

  • Following proper social distancing guidelines, even in the midst of the pandemic, Valley Eye Radio continues to distribute our specially tuned SCA radios to new listeners and work on other ways to expand our outreach to those who need our services. If you know of someone in need of our free service due to blindness, visual impairment or some other health condition or disability, contact Valley Eye Radio at (413) 747-7337.

Happy Birthday to all of our dedicated volunteers who were born in the month of May: Phil enjoys cake and ice cream on the 5th, Melanie celebrates on the 7th, Joan gets her wishes on the 11th, Bill gets all the attention on the 13th, Pat begins another trip around the sun on the 13th, Kathy gets her presents (virtual or otherwise) on the 14th, Lorraine is remembered on the 18th and Dick has his day on the 25th.

Happy Birthday wishes to all!

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