News Brief - June 2020

From our Executive Director, Barbara Loh:

Since my message last month, our state is starting to open up and some normalcy is returning. There are still many uncertainties ahead. Our lives will continue to be different for a while, but hopefully the worst is behind us.

We continue to have expanded broadcasts during this COVID-19 crisis period so that our listeners stay well informed on the latest local news and information including vital community resources. For instance, we have been broadcasting updates from the Massachusetts Commission for the Blind and added a 6 pm roundup of all the latest news from MassLive on the coronavirus--information that our listeners must have to stay safe and healthy. We know we have been more essential than ever for those depending on us everyday.

While we still have many questions about our state funding going forward due to the state budget process being on hold, our many supporters continue to help us stay on the air everyday. Even during a pandemic, you never let us down. On Giving Tuesday Now in May, we raised almost $5,000! Thank you to everyone who contributed. We will be starting our End of Fiscal Year Fundraising Campaign soon for those who are willing to contribute.

You truly make all the difference for our listeners.

Stay safe and well.

  • Valley Eye Radio continues to bring to our listeners the timely talks organized by the World Affairs Council of Western Massachusetts.

After their latest about the birth of CNN and 24 Hour News from Journalist Lisa Napoli, we look forward to broadcasting more talks by experts in June.

  • More important updates for our listeners! Valley Eye Radio not only reads from the major regional newspapers and local community newspapers, but we’ve added the latest updates from the Springfield Republican through their website every weekday evening.

  • Valley Eye Radio continues to present important updates to our listeners from local non-profits that benefit seniors and those with disabilities including those from Greater Springfield Senior Services, the South Hadley Senior Center, Life Path and more to give our listeners updates on resources and services that are available to them.

  • While many live events continue to remain on hold, Valley Eye Radio is presenting new feature programs to our listeners. Recently, we debuted another recording from the Baystate Health Heart Series that were recorded back in February that featured the talk by Quinn Pack, MD entitled “Heart Disease Hot Topics: Vaping, Cigarettes, Marijuana and Alcohol. Harmless or Destructive? What Patients with Heart Disease Need to Know”.

  • During the month of June, Valley Eye Radio will also be re-broadcasting some recordings from the Holyoke Medical Center including the talk from last Fall by Dr. Sandip Maru, Medical Director of the Holyoke Medical Center Vascular Center.

His talk entitled “Leg Pain - How a Vascular Surgeon Can Help" is another great health update from local experts brought directly to our listeners on Valley Eye Radio.

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Happy Birthday to all of our dedicated volunteers who get to hear the Happy Birthday song sung by someone other than themselves when they’re washing their hands because they were born in the month of June: Mary M. enjoys best wishes on the 9th, Jeannine gets her day on the 14th, Ken gathers (virtually) with friends and family on the 21st, Chip gets all the attention on the 25th and Arnold enjoys cake and presents on the 28th.

Happy Birthday wishes to all!

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