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Year End Giving




Dear all,

It has been quite a year full of a range of emotions and finding ways to survive a pandemic. We have all weathered these times in different ways, but not without introspection and heightened awareness of how these words may have transformed us post-COVID.

Just words? Ideals?

Not anymore for most of us. How much more INTEGRAL and POWERFUL have they become for you in this season of pandemic giving and caring for others?

Take a moment to ponder each one. They are all interrelated. Acting on a few is likely to make the others more of a presence in our lives and contribute to us helping others even more. Such actions are key to our mental and physical health.

Will practicing these beliefs and ideals help you find more meaning and happiness during this pandemic?? Will giving more than ever make your holiday season and life even brighter?

On behalf of our listeners who need the only accessible broadcasts in the Pioneer Valley to stay connected and informed, we hope you will consider them as you make decisions about your end of year giving. We all now more acutely understand the detrimental impact that prolonged isolation and lack of meaningful connection with our loved ones, friends, and our community networks can have.

Please help us stay on the air for those who are counting on us everyday to stay connected--not just during a pandemic. Here's to the happiness and even greater rewards that your gift, this year especially, will give you for doing what you can for those who need our caring and the essential connections, news, and information our broadcasts and human voices bring to their lives every day. You will be making a critical difference in their lives.

Just words??

With appreciation and sending you warm wishes for the holidays and 2021!!


Barbara P. Loh, MSW
Executive Director
Valley Eye Radio
1 Federal Street
Building 101
Springfield, MA 01105

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