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Valley Eye Radio keeps our neighbors, friends and family members, who can't read their local newspapers on their own, informed and involved in the Pioneer Valley community. Please consider a donation to this unique, important service.

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Make your check out to:
Valley Eye Radio
1 Federal Street
Building 101-1
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What Your Donation is Used For

We rely on our generous donors to stay on the air to keep our listeners informed and connected. Your donations help our small team manage 24/7 broadcasting; coordinate nearly 100 volunteers; plan, produce and edit programming; as well as fundraising and daily operations!

Your donation will also help:

  • Send special FREE radio receivers to our listeners.
  • Equipment to expand access to our broadcasts.
  • Internet-based receivers for listeners whose location makes radio reception unreliable.
  • Hosting and producing podcasts that will allow our listeners - and you - to hear previously broadcast programs and share them with family and friends.

Other Donation Options

  • You can use (or easily create) a Donor Advised Fund
  • Give a gift of Appreciated Stock and possibly double your tax benefit
  • Include a donation as part of your estate planning in your will or as a Living Trust

Call (413) 747-7337 to discuss your donation options.

“I have not forgotten Valley Eye Radio since visiting you a couple years ago for the Community Foundation. I was impressed then and continue to be impressed by the good that you do. You can count on my continued support!”

- Linda, donor