Our Vision. Your Sight. Valley Eye Radio broadcasts local news and information to reading impaired listeners throughout the Pioneer Valley.

Why does Valley Eye Radio Matter?

  • How soon after you wake up do you consume information?
  • What if the print world was no longer available to you?
  • How would you stay current and informed?
  • To provide reading impaired individuals of all ages with local information and keep them connected to the news going on around them.

You must have a big staff to be able to read all the news?

  • No, we in fact have only one paid position. Our generous volunteers make it all possible. With over 50 readers we are able to give our listeners what they need.

What does Valley Eye Radio actually read?

  • Each morning enjoy the local newspapers
  • Circulars to share where to get the best deals on groceries and other essentials
  • Lottery numbers
  • Obituaries
  • Game scores
  • Other local unique columns and commentary

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